Premium Beard Balm
Premium Beard Balm
Premium Beard Balm
Premium Beard Balm
Premium Beard Balm
Premium Beard Balm
Adirondack Beard Co.

Premium Beard Balm

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Adirondack Premium Beard Beard Balm is made from all-natural ingredients including high quality jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax to keep your beard looking its best.  Our formulas also includes the highest quality essential oils which promote healthy skin, hair, and have other natural benefits.

Why Should You Use Beard Balm?

It hydrates your beard and prevents itchiness while protecting your beard from the elements.  It also helps to volumize and tame your beard.  

Premium Beard Balm Formulas:

The High Peak (Energy and Focus): Made with high quality essential oils and formulated for a spicy earthy scent.  This scent complements affirmations of energy and focus to jumpstart your day.

Black Creek (Protect): Made with high quality essential oils and formulated for a rugged woodsy scent.  This scent refreshes and protects against environmental threats.

Mirror Lake (Calm): Made with high quality essential oils and formulated for a light and refreshing scent.  This scent complements affirmations of peace, reassurance, and calm.

Split Rock (Confidence): Made with high quality essential oils for you to take on the day and formulated for a sweet musky natural scent.  Seek feelings of confidence and courage with this blend of essential oils.  

Bear Slide (Brighten): Made with high quality essential oils and formulated for a heady woodsy scent which inspires a cheerful, positive and happy atmosphere.  


  • 100% natural organic ivory raw unrefined top grade shea butter
  • 100% natural premium filtered beeswax
  • 100% pure & natural cold pressed extra virgin jojoba oil
  • 100% pure & natural essential oils

How long will this last me?

This 1.5oz tin of beard balm should last you about 2 months

How do I use Beard Balm?

Check with the Adirondack Beard Guide

The Beard Guide is an article on how to use Adirondack Beard Co. products to take care of and grow a super beard.  How to take care of your beard and use beard oil, balm, wax, and bars.

A beard is made of of thousands of hairs which is more coarse than head hair. This coarseness can make your beard feel wiry, itchy, and rough and at the same time make the skin underneath dry and flaky.

Our premium products help to alleviate the dry, flaky, itchy, rough, and wiry.

Be sure to pick up beard oil, balm, beard and body bars, combs, and brushes to ensure your grooming process is top notch.

Adirondack Premium Beard Oil

Why use Beard Oil?

Adirondack Premium Beard Oil conditions the hair to help it become soft and smooth. It also moisturizes the dry and flaky skin under your beard while leaving your beard hair with a healthy shine.

How to Use Beard Oil:

Step 1: Shower

 Shower and wash your beard using Beard & Body wash.


 Beard Oil DropsStep 2: Pour some drops in the palm of your hand. 

How much you ask? Shorter beards – 2 – 3 drops, Medium Beards – 3-4 drops, Long Beards 4 – 5 drops.


Step 3: Apply the oil.  

Work it into the skin under your beard to get to the roots of the hair and apply evenly using your hands and fingers through the bottom of your beard.  Don’t forget the mustache.  Afterwards, use your palms to brush your beard downward to put it back in place.


Comb Beard Icon

Step 4: Combing. 

Comb your beard afterwards using a comb or beard brush.


Adirondack Premium Beard Balm

Why use Beard Balm?

Adirondack Premium Beard Balm contains ingredients which condition, moisturize, and soften your beard while also helping to stylize it.  

How to Use Beard Balm:

Step 1: Shower

 Shower and wash your beard using Beard & Body wash.


 Step 2: Apply a small amount of beard oil prior to applying balm (see above)

Beard oil will take care of the skin under your beard.


Beard Balm Rub in Hands

Step 3: Warm and soften the balm

Scoop a pea size amount of beard balm out of the tin with the back of your finger and rub together in your palms until it warms and softens 


Step 3: Apply the balm.  

Rub the balm onto your beard from the top down.  Smooth the beard and stylize as you go.  Don’t forget the mustache.  


Comb Beard Icon

Step 4: Combing. 

Comb your beard using a comb or beard brush to style.


Adirondack Beard Co. Beard and Body Bar

How often should I wash my beard?

Frequency of beard washing depends on the person attached to the other end of the beard.  We recommend every 1 to 2 days.

How to Wash Your Beard:

Step 1: Shower

Best place to wash your beard is in the shower.  Our beard and body bars are also great for washing the rest of you to, so have at it.


Beard and Body Bar

Step 2: Wet the bar and lather up your hands



Step 3: Scrub up your beard.  

Rub the lather into your beard and coat evenly



Rinse your beard

Step 4: Rinse the soap  

Rinse the soap out of your beard thoroughly.  Apply beard oil or balm afterwards.  

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