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Lip Balm

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Our lip balm is made from all natural ingredients.  Rejuvenate and protect your lips from the elements with this small batch lip balm.  Formulated with Vitamin E, lanolin, and essential oils to heal and protect.

Why Should You Use Lip Balm?

To help heal and hydrate your lips.  No sense walking around with dry cracked lips.


Whiteface (Peppermint & Rosemary): Refreshing with a bit of peppermint. Made with pure & natural essential oils.

Snow Ridge (Vanilla): Vanilla.  Made with vanilla oleoresin essential oil

  • 100% pure & natural cold pressed extra virgin hemp oil
  • 100% pure & natural cold pressed extra virgin jojoba oil
  • 100% pure & natural vitamin E
  • 100% pure lanolin
How much do I get?
One .15oz tube

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