How to Use Beard Oil

Applying Beard Oil Beard Oil How to Use Beard Oil

Follow the below steps on how to use beard oil:

It's simple to use beard oil and it's easily accomplished as part of your morning routine to keep your beard feeling soft and smooth.

How to Use Beard Oil:

Shower and wash your beard

Step 1: Shower

 Shower and wash your beard using Beard & Body wash.


 Beard Oil DropsStep 2: Put some drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand. 

How much you ask? Shorter beards – 2 – 3 drops, Medium Beards – 3-4 drops, Long Beards 4 – 5 drops.


Step 3: Apply the beard oil.  

Work it into the skin under your beard to get to the roots of the hair and apply evenly using your hands and fingers through the bottom of your beard.  Don’t forget the mustache.  Afterwards, use your palms to brush your beard downward to put it back in place.


Comb Beard Icon

Step 4: Combing. 

Comb your beard afterwards using a comb or beard brush.


Why use Beard Oil?

Adirondack Premium Beard Oil conditions the hair to help it become soft and smooth. It also moisturizes the dry and flaky skin under your beard while leaving your beard hair with a healthy shine.


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