How Do I Wash My Beard?

You may be asking yourself, How do I wash my beard?  In addition you are probably wondering how often should it be washed.  The frequency of beard washing depends on the person attached to the other end of the beard, but we recommend every 1 to 2 days.  This helps to keep it clean and smelling fresh.  If you are worried about drying out your beard by stripping out the natural oils by washing it too frequently, our beard and body bars can help to minimize natural oil loss, but when that does happen our premium beard oils are perfect to replenish what is lost during washing.

How to Wash Your Beard:


Step 1: Shower

Best place to wash your beard is in the shower.  Our beard and body bars are also great for washing the rest of you to, so have at it.


Beard and Body Bar

Step 2: Wet the bar and lather up your hands



Scrub up your beard

Step 3: Scrub up your beard.  

Rub the lather into your beard and coat evenly


Rinse your beard

Step 4: Rinse the soap  

Rinse the soap out of your beard thoroughly.  Apply beard oil or balm afterwards.  

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