Beard Oil vs Balm

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The matchup in question is beard oil vs balm.

Which one is right for you?

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The Matchup

So you are trying to figure out the difference between beard oil and balm.  What are the uses, and benefits of each?  Our customers constantly ask us, why should I buy balm instead of oil or vice versa?  It's a great question because it can be confusing.  There are some factors to consider such as what stage of growth you are in and what your beard goals are.

The Oil

Typically beard oil should be in the tool box for all bearded people.  It's great for moisturizing your beard as we already covered, but it's also excellent to keep your skin moisturized as well.  By moisturizing your skin it can help to reduce flaking and dandruff.  Beard oil is also ideal for people just starting out with growing their beard as it can help to reduce the itchiness while also helping to nourish your new beard to reduce patchiness, and promote growth.

Beard oil is just as it says, it's an oil, so applying it to your beard is smooth and easy.

The Balm

Beard balm has a thicker consistency than oil as it's usually made with beeswax.  Beard balm has a tendency to sit on your beard for a longer period of time than oil does and can give your beard a little more shine than beard oil does.  Beard balm is great for when your beard has brown out past the new stage as it can help to style, tame, and form your beard.  If you are looking for a product that can help shape your beard, balm is the way to go.   

Is it a Tie?

What can they both do?  Beard balm and oil both do something really great in that they moisturize your beard.  Keeping your beard moist is the foundation of having a great beard.  Beard balm and oil are also great at nourishing your beard as they contain vitamins and ingredients that your beard will absorb in order to keep it healthy, full, and thick.


We started off with Beard Oil vs Balm and after getting through this article, the overall conclusion is they both have a place in the tool box and can provide different benefits depending on your stage of growth and beard goals.  We recommend having both on hand as there are times when one is more purposeful than the other.

Can I Use Both?

You can absolutely use both products at the same time, but keep in mind, in this case less is more.  Don't overdo it.  



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